The Advantages of Using Thermaduct as Your Exterior Ductwork

Thermaduct is a pre-engineered duct system that incorporates the duct, insulation and cladding all in one high performance product. The duct system is available in a variety of thicknesses that supply R-8 through R-24 insulation value. While other manufacturers use tapes, adhesives and screws, which experience degradation over time, Thermaduct uses a patented heat or chemical welded seam to ensure impervious water and air integrity.

Weather Tight Cladding

Thermaduct’s vinyl cladding allows for our patented heat formed corners. Depending on the size of ductwork up to 3 corners can seamless, with the final being cohesively bonded together. Worry less as Thermaduct keeps your conditioned air in and the outdoor elements out!

Energy Cost Savings

Certified third party testing shows that properly installed Thermaduct can provide as little as 0.05% air leakage. Thermaduct’s high R-values and low air leakage help your HVAC system to have a more efficient air delivery into your building, saving you money.

No Exposed Screws or Fasteners

Thermaduct provides an uncompromised surface preserves the integrity of the product and eliminates areas where water can intrude.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Thermaduct is built to last and is proudly backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

Product Durability

With Thermaduct, you won’t need to worry about replacing your outdoor duct or insulation as the elements wear on them. Thermaduct’s patented Airtruss Reinforcement System and use of UV stable vinyl gives our ductwork exceptional integrity over its long lifespan.