How to Install Thermaduct

Installing Thermaduct™ in your Application

Thermaduct was designed as a product to benefit not just the building owner, but also those who install our outdoor duct system. While we have a detailed Installation Manual available from our Thermaduct Representatives, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find a 4-bolt connection system typical of traditional ductwork. What’s uncommon about Thermaduct is the steps we take to ensure customers receive an air tight system that also eliminates as many areas for water intrusion as possible.


1. Prep

Gasketing run around the interior of the flange surface


2. Connect

4-bolt Connection that Requires No Special Training


3. Protect

Insulated Tape Applied to Flange for Extra Protection


4. Finish

4-Bolt Covering System to Ensure No Intrusion from the Elements

Request a Contractor's Installation Manual

For an installation that follows our guidelines, Thermaduct is also proud to offer a 10 year limited warranty. For more information or to receive a copy of the Thermaduct installation Manual, fill out the form below.