Insulated Duct Manufacturing

Thermaduct Product Manufacturing

Thermaduct is at the forefront of pre-insulated duct manufacturing with a network of distinguished SMART union facilities that bring Thermaduct products to applications across the United States and Canada. These partner contractors have shown leadership in joining us on our journey to advance a lower carbon HVAC future by bring phenolic ductwork into their shops to provide energy efficient alternatives that offer customers options and innovation to have a choice in their HVAC system.

Adhering closely to stringent guidelines established by both the SMACNA Phenolic Duct Construction Standards and our own fabrication standards Thermaduct, our rectangular and round ductwork is constructed to meet rigorous requirements for uncompromising HVAC systems. Utilizing our patented technology and leveraging nearly two decades of experience with phenolic duct manufacturing, Thermaduct and our fabrication partners ensure each pre-fabricated product meets unparalleled standards for durability, efficiency, and installation ease.

Phenolic Duct Construction Standards Explained

Built to high standards in yellow label facilities

Thermaduct, Thermaround, InspiralR & Floval are all high quality products made by high quality labor from yellow label SMACNA contractors

Insulated Phenolic Duct System

Exceptional Outdoor Weather Resistance

Designed for aesthetics, but engineered to perform, Thermaduct products can withstand the environmental elements with strong exterior protection and high thermal values to ensure optimal efficiency.

Phenolic Duct System for Exposed Applications

Low Air Leakage

Thermaduct’s systems are designed to minimize areas of air leakage to reduce your HVAC system’s energy consumption

Insulated Outdoor Duct

High Insulated Values

Using high quality phenolic insulation with inherent high insulation properties, Thermaduct products can significantly reduce heat loss and gains, thereby influcencing efficiency.

Thermaround Duct for Pool Applications

Easy to Install Systems

Thermaduct systems are intuitively designed for ease of installation, ensuring a seamless construction process that saves time and labor costs. We offer online training to cover the minor differences that should be observed when installing a phenolic system.

Thermaduct and Thermaround Installation Training

10 Year Limited Warranty

We proudly back up all of our duct systems with a 10 year limited warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of our commitment to quality products.

By selecting a Thermaduct system, you are not only choosing an industry-leading product but also investing in a future where energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are prioritized. Our phenolic ductwork solutions embody innovation, durability, and performance, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the HVAC industry. For more information on how to achieve your goals of energy efficiency, talk to your local Thermaduct expert or contact us directly.

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