round and flat oval phenolic duct

Phenolic Duct System Specification

Phenolic is a high performing alternative duct material that helps HVAC Contractors increase the thermal and duct leakage efficiency of their systems. Using pre-insulated phenolic also means that there is no need for separate ductwork and separate insulation as it is a 2-in-1 solution that does the job of both. For both interior and exterior applications, this duct material can offer many benefits for an installation.

Below are just a few of the many benefits Phenolic duct systems can offer!

Weight Savings - Save Your Energy in the Field

Ductwork made out of rigid phenolic foam can provide significant weight savings on your project. Indoor systems offer the highest savings, with rectangular, round and flat oval systems all capable of providing over a 70% reduction in weight compared with sheet metal wrapped in fiberglass.

High R-Values - Superior Thermal Performance

Phenolic has an excellent thermal performance with some of the best R- values per inch of insulation available on the market .This superior insulating efficiency means that the required R-value can be achieved with thinner insulation that are highly resistant to heat transfer. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs for your applications. With the increasing pressure of energy codes always moving towards more insulation, Phenolic duct systems provide solutions that don’t only meet today’s code requirements but those of the future too.

Space Saving - Tight Spaces are No Problem!

Phenolic ductwork is pre-insulated, which means it does not require any additional insulation wrapping. Because of this, space requirements are minimal and duct can be installed in tighter places, including flush to ceilings and walls to free up more space where every square inch matters. You may also need fewer hangers to contend with depending on the size of the ductwork.

Lower Air Leakage - Cut Energy Costs

Pre-Insulated phenolic ductwork assembled and installed in line with the SMACNA Phenolic Duct Construction Standards can easily achieve anything between a SMACNA Class 1 and SMACNA Class 3 leakage rating. The long term benefits of this lower air leakage can include reduced runtime on HVAC equipment over the life of the system therefore bigger energy savings, better Indoor air quality with phenolic’s smooth aluminum interior and improved comfort.

UL 181 Listed Safety - 25/50 Fire and Smoke Performance

Some Phenolic Ductwork systems have gone through extensive UL testing to achieve a UL 181 Listed status, starting with - Kingspan KoolDuct back in 2004. This is an extensive and rigorous series of tests and ongoing inspections that covers many aspects of safety and product durability - structural testing, pressure testing, mold and bacteria growth, static load and flame and smoke spread, among others.

Download our Guide Specification to see how your application can use InspiralR & Floval

The Advantages of Using InspiralR and Floval For Your Application

InspiralR and Floval are pre-insulated, high efficiency spiral and flat oval duct systems that give you increased performance of round ductwork. These patent pending systems provide thermally efficient and low leakage ductwork packaged in an extremely lightweight and high quality closed cell phenolic insulation. There's no need to insulate separately as all InspiralR and Floval Ductwork reach a minimum of R-6 insulated value!

Insulated Spiral Ductwork System InspiralR
Thermaduct InspiralR factory spiral duct
Round Kingspan KoolDuct Phenolic Ductwork

R-6 KoolDuct Insulated Values

All InspiralR and Floval ductwork come pre-assembled and ready to install at an R-6 insulated value. These systems are UL 181 rated for 10" positive and 8" negative pressures.

The aluminum Kingspan KoolDuct interior provides an interior free of loose fibers that will not support mold growth. InspiralR and Floval are designed to provide customers with extremely low air leakage. Increase your customer's HVAC system efficiency and reduce long term energy costs.

Round Phenolic Pre-Insulated Ductwork

Included Connection Materials

No need to pay extra to install your ductwork, as InspiralR and Floval come with pre-installed flange connections and drawbands to install a near airtight connection. These will feel very familiar to anyone who has installed flanged spiral ductwork or double wall insulated spiral with flanges.

Lightweight Double Wall Spiral Ductwork InspiralR

Lightweight Ductwork

InspiralR and Floval can weigh a fraction of traditional double wall spiral or flat oval ductwork. This can significantly lower the impact ductwork will have on a building and reduce weight hanging above building occupant's heads.

Ease of Installation

InspiralR and Floval go together quickly and will be familiar to HVAC contractors. Have a virtually airtight connection in under a minute! Pairing that with the reduction in weight and your time in the field will be minimized with our pre-insulated ductwork systems!

See our installation training site for a full walkthrough on how to install InspiralR and Floval.

Space Saving

InspiralR and Floval's standard connection drawbands also can serve as a hanging point for this lightweight ductwork system. Tight on ceiling space? Floval is your solution for areas where applications may not allow enough space to wrap ductwork.

10 Year Limited Warranty

InspiralR and Floval are built to last and are proudly backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Installers can find our registration process by going through our installation training course.

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Phenolic is a high performing alternative duct material that helps HVAC Contractors increase the thermal and duct leakage efficiency of their systems. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor solutions, learn more about how phenolic systems can benefit your application!

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