High Efficiency Pre-Insulated Metal Ductwork with Architects in mind

For applications where aesthetics play a key role in building design, we've expanded our ductwork range to offer a high performing solution with architects in mind. HVAC design can plays a large role in the aesthetics of an application, Thermaduct is proud to offer a high quality metal cladded version of our Thermaround product with multiple finishes, including Kynar coated steel or aluminum.

Thermaround Outdoor Phenolic Ductwork


  • R12 Insulated Value
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • 10" Positive, 8" Negative Pressure Class
  • UL 181 Listed InspiralR Interior
  • Kynar Exterior Cladding - Multiple Color Options and finishes
  • High Static Pressure Design
  • Lightweight - Double Wall Duct with Less Weight
  • Gored Elbows - No Need for Turning Vanes
  • Low Air Leakage
  • Simple Connection System for Easy Installation
Pre-Insulated R-12 Duct System
Thermaround Metal Clad Outdoor Ductwork

Thermaround Architectural provides a protected R-12 insulated value by combining a dual layer of our UL 181 Listed InspiralR phenolic ductwork in a shape that naturally sheds water. The versatility and color options offer a seamless integration with your building's overall design to provide a stunning, yet highly protective solution without compromising performance.

Many Color options to match your application

07_Ash Gray.jpg
08_Slate Gray.jpg
10_Matte Black.jpg
11_Medium Bronze.jpg
12_Dark Bronze.jpg
13_Patina Green.jpg
14_Hemlock Green.jpg
16_Mansard Brown.jpg
17_Colonial Red.jpg
18_Roman Blue.jpg
19_Patrician Bronze.jpg
20_Terra Cotta.jpg
21_Brite Red.jpg
22_Regal Blue.jpg
24_Hartford Green.jpg

Thermaduct Metal Clad finish colors may vary from digital representations shown

Pre-Insulated Metal Ductwork

Architectural Insulated Ductwork


Thermaround Architectural differs from our vinyl cladding Thermaround. This suite of finishes covers two layers of our InspiralR system and can be fabricated with multiple material options to meet the needs of any application. These include:

  • Kynar Finished Steel or Aluminum - PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coated steel or aluminum with 24 color options
  • Galvanized Steel - Galvanized Steel Layer
  • Paintgrip Steel - Paintable Metal Layer for Additional Color Options

The Kynar finished metals are resistant to many weathering elements and excellent options for outdoor applications.

Find the perfect finish for your application:

Download our Color Options Sheet

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See Thermaround Architectural In Action

Architectural Metal Ductwork
Thermaround Outdoor Ductwork
Round Thermaduct Exterior Product
Round preinsulated ductwork
Architectural HVAC Duct System
Colorful Ductwork
R12 Ductwork with InspiralR Interior
Ductwork for Architectural Applications
Round KoolDuct Thermaround Ductwork with Metal Cladding

Pre-Insulated Thermaround Metal Clad Ductwork

Pair Easily with Vinyl Cladded Thermaround or Thermaduct

Color match your building facade and connect to our vinyl cladded Thermaduct and Thermaround to provide a factory laminated surface with the highest level of protection from water intrusion. Thermaround Architectural is designed to give you aesthetic options for your ductwork while still able to pair to our high quality exterior ductwork solutions.

Install easily with connections that can provide near zero air leakage. Just like our patented Thermaround system, Thermaround Architectural requires installing contractors to apply sealant, connect sections together with an offset coupling and use a draw band connection for fast and easy installation.

Our goal is to give you more options to truly make your outdoor application as weather resistant as possible!

Near Zero Air Leakage

Energy Efficient Air Distribution Perfect for Interior and Exterior Applications

Preinsulated System

Thermaround Architectural provides an R12 insulated value without the need for additional duct insulation

Ease of Installation

Thermaround Architectural is lightweight with a fast connection system allow you to install more outdoor duct per day

10 Year Limited Warranty

Thermaround Architectural is backed by a 10 year limited warranty

Designed Ductwork Solutions to meet the aesthetics and performance demands of your application

Thermaround uses a smooth aluminum Kingspan KoolDuct interior for a high quality, fiber free insulation that is protected by our Kynar finished metal cladding system. This system can be installed internally and externally in a variety of applications.

Hospitals and Healthcare Environments

Schools and Universities

Hotels and Multifamily Structures

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Pools and Natatoriums

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