Interior and Exterior Ductwork Case Studies

Pre-Insulated Spiral and Flat Oval Duct System

Food Grade Factory Expansion Spiral Ductwork - Plymouth, Indiana

Thermaduct's InspiralR was recently chosen as a lightweight alternative to traditional spiral ductwork

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Thermaduct Thermaround Pool Ductwork

Natatorium Uses Thermaduct and Thermaround Outdoor Ductwork For High Humidity Outdoor Duct – Texas

Utilizing both our rectangular and round outdoor ductwork, this application has a virtually seamless surface to keep the outdoor elements out and provide near zero air leakage.

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thermaround corrosion resistant outdoor ductwork

Missouri Pharmaceutical Installation Employs Thermaround In Place of Stainless Steel Double Wall Ductwork - Saint Louis, Missouri

Thermaround Virtually Seamless and Corrosion Resistant Round Ductwork chosen for Pharmacuetical Installation.

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High School Addition uses Thermaduct to Exceed Energy Code Requirements – Ohio

New high school update chooses high efficiency Thermaduct pre-insulated ductwork for high R-values that will have long term benefits.

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thermaround outdoor double wall ductwork

Hospital Facility on Oregon Coast Chooses Corrosion Resistant Thermaround Preinsulated Outdoor Ductwork – Seaside, Oregon

When it came time to replace a portion of their PCD coated spiral ductwork, the hospital staff chose Thermaround to give their new ductwork an extra level of corrosion resistance and avoid future headaches with our salt spray resistant vinyl cladding.

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Thermaduct Outdoor Ductwork System

Rectangular Thermaduct for Middle School Outdoor Ductwork – Missouri

For one Middle School in Missouri, taking their ductwork outdoors allowed them to use a pre-insulated ductwork that would be worry free and backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

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Preinsulated Thermaduct Rooftop Ductwork Chosen for University Building Renovation – Ohio

A big renovation called for big rooftop ductwork. Thermaduct was the solution to keep the outdoor elements out.

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High Efficiency PreInsulated Outdoor Ductwork Chosen for Commercial Office Headquarters – Moline, Illinois

Thermaduct played a part in this new, state-of-the-art corporate office application locating Moline, Illinois.

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pre insulated ductwork system

Exterior Rooftop Pre-Insulated Ductwork at Marshall Fields Building - Chicago, Illinois

Thermaduct Helps Open Up Additional Chicago Rental Space in Historic Marshall Fields Building Renovation

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HVAC preinsulated phenolic double wall

Juvenile Residential Center - Bowling Green, OH

After years of exposure to the elements, the Juvenile Residential Center’s rooftop ductwork was showing visual signs of degradation.

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