Project Profile: Juvenile Residential Center

The Customer:

Wood County of northwest Ohio is home to over 129,000 residents. Nestled in this rural area you can find something for everyone! Just south of Toledo, there are several towns in Wood County such as Perrysburg, often voted as one of the best places to raise a family in Ohio, and Bowling Green, home to an excellent University and a thriving community, young and old. Local government also has a strong presence in Bowling Green. In the summer of 2013, the Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio was in need of a complete replacement of their outdoor ductwork.

The Challenge:

After years of exposure to the elements, the Juvenile Residential Center’s rooftop ductwork was showing visual signs of degradation. Upon inspection the duct liner was saturated with water that had leaked in, which over time decreased the thermal performance and made for an environment possible for mold and microbial growth. To prevent this from happening again going forward, Wood County representative Kelly Jackson chose a new solution for their outdoor ductwork.

The Solution:

Commercial Comfort Systems of Perrysburg, Ohio was hired to replace the Residential Center’s ductwork and working with Jackson decided on Thermaduct™ as an alternative to traditional sheet metal duct. Thermaduct’s excellent water resistance make it extremely suitable for outdoor duct applications in both new construction and replacement. With a titanium infused 1000 Micron vinyl cladded exterior, closed cell phenolic interior insulation and heat or chemically welded seams, Thermaduct™ ensures impervious water and air integrity. This is important in the Midwestern United States where exterior ductwork is exposed to rain, hail and snow. The vinyl cladding also protects the increased R-value in the new ductwork.

The Results:

Almost two years later, you can now find Thermaduct™ on several government buildings in Wood County. For more information on the many benefits of Thermaduct™, contact Thermaduct™ 855-809-6903.

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