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High Efficiency Air Distribution For Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Thermaduct provides high quality insulated ductwork systems to both interior and exterior installations. Our family of pre-insulated products are designed to increase the efficiency of the application with higher R-values and lower air leakage, while at the same time increase installation efficiency with lightweight duct systems that require no additional insulation or wrapping.


Ductwork Designed for the Elements


Lightweight, Low Leakage Solutions


Why Thermaduct Outdoor Solutions?

As energy codes push the required insulation values higher and higher, the need for better outdoor duct solutions is growing.

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Why Thermaduct Indoor Solutions?

Low air leakage, IAQ duct solutions increase the energy efficiency and health of your building. Thermaduct is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about how our family of products can save you time, money and alleviate headaches on your next project.

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Featured ProjectS

Missouri Pharmaceutical Installation Employs Thermaround In Place of Stainless Steel Double Wall Ductwork.

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Coming Soon: University Ductwork Replacement Project Profile

Weatherproof Ductwork Exterior Applications

Superior Air Distribution

Our family of innovative, pre-insulated duct systems that support just about any application. All of our products use the highest quality closed cell phenolic to give customers the best insulation value without taking up valuable interior or exterior space. By ordering a Thermaduct product, you can be confident that you’ll receive a lightweight, low air leakage and high R-value product that is backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

We believe that high efficiency should not stop at your HVAC equipment, but rather should encompass the entire management of energy through intelligent controls and efficient air distribution. We offer a more efficient air distribution system, promoted by employing fiber free Kingspan KoolDuct. With higher thermal values and lower air leakage than traditional air distribution systems, you'll notice a difference with Thermaduct ductwork products for your indoor and outdoor applications.

With all of our pre-insulated systems, air passes over the smooth aluminum surface of Kingspan KoolDuct’s closed cell phenolic panels, with a variety of additional lining options should an application require it.