Design Solutions - School Gives High Efficiency HVAC System School Spirit with Thermaround Architectural

In early 2022, this Minnesota school’s equipment replacement gave the opportunity to not only upgrade their system’s performance, but aesthetics as well. With large areas located outdoors and exposed to both the elements and visible site lines, architectural options were explored to allow their school colors to be used. Thermaround Architectural ductwork provided a solution with a Kynar finished exterior to give them exactly the look they were going for.

Royal Blue Thermaround Architectural ductwork was chosen to provide an R-12 insulated value without the need for fibrous interior liners or duct wraps that would cover their exterior finish. The two layers of our lightweight InspiralR flanged connection made installation easy for Minnesota Contractor, Bauernfeind Goedtel.

Architectural Metal Ductwork

Customer Testimony - Theron Kruger, Project Manager at BG Companies

"Our installers really like the fact that it is lightweight and installs very easily compared to normal galvanized double wall. Our customers like the option of colors to help blend the product in with their buildings."

Doublewall phenolic ductwork

Thermaround Architectural Ductwork

Thermaround Outdoor Ductwork

Metal Cladded Outdoor Phenolic Ductwork

For applications where duct system aesthetics play a key role in building design, look no further than Thermaround Architectural duct systems. With 24 available color options or paint grip galvanized (for those custom colors) we can assist you in selecting an efficient outdoor or indoor duct system that will blend into your building. To find out more about how you can use Thermaduct’s line of pre-insulated phenolic duct systems, talk to your local Thermaduct representative or contact us.

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