Industrial Facility Increases Efficiency of HVAC System with indoor and outdoor phenolic systems


In 2021, Thermaduct’s InspiralR and Floval systems were chosen for an industrial facility in Missouri in order to reduce structural load on their metal building. In order to maximize space and minimize loads, this application used 7,700 square feet of pre-insulated R-6 round and flat oval ductwork with sizes up to 82 x 22 inches. This provided the installation a large reduction in weight over the entirety of the building.

With multiple sizes on the application, Floval’s weight per linear foot compared to traditional ducting options was a significant savings.

In addition to round and flat oval ductwork, this application also made use of both Kingspan KoolDuct and our outdoor vinyl cladded Thermaduct product at an R-12 Insulated value. The duct installed at this facility can easy meet between a SMACNA class 1 and class 3 leakage rating, for a more energy efficient HVAC system!

The InspiralR and Floval provided a consistent R-6 insulated value for this application with minimal air leakage. InspiralR and Floval are UL 181 listed for 10" w.c. positive and 8" w.c. negative applications. These lightweight system can offer up to a 75% weight savings when compared to traditional double wall spiral ductwork.

Lightweight InspiralR and Floval Ductwork

Pre-Insulated Phenolic Ductwork

InspiralR and Floval Ductwork

Lightweight Flat Oval Ductwork

Phenolic Duct

InspiralR and Floval Ductwork

Thermaduct’s family of products can help provide a lightweight solution for your next application. For more information, talk to your local Thermaduct Representative or contact us. To find out how you can be a KoolDuct Delivery Partner, find out more about this pre-insulated solution.

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