Thermaduct and Thermaround pool Ductwork

Natatorium Uses Thermaduct and Thermaround Outdoor Ductwork For High Humidity Outdoor Duct

Nearly 9000 square feet of Thermaduct and Thermaround were installed at a Texas pool facility in early 2020. Utilizing both our rectangular and round outdoor ductwork, this application has a virtually seamless surface to keep the outdoor elements out and provide near zero air leakage. With our 1000 micron, UV stable vinyl cladding these Thermaduct products provide a strong, corrosion resistant outer shell.

Thermaround Thermaduct Pool Ductwork
Exterior Pool Ductwork
Exterior Rooftop Pool Ductwork Thermaduct
Outdoor Rooftop Ductwork For Pools Thermaduct

High humidity environments are no issue with Thermaduct as our closed cell phenolic insulation with Kingspan KoolDuct’s aluminum interior is an excellent solution for pools and natatoriums. The phenolic interior of Thermaduct and Thermaround will not be affected by common issues found in other insulations when exposed to the more humid ambient air of these applications. By using a UL 181 listed insulation, Thermaduct’s interior surface has passed the UL 181 tests for mold growth and humidity.

For other facilities looking for a duct system that is corrosion resistant, well insulated and “sweat free” they should look no further than Thermaduct’s family of pre-insulated products. Thermaduct and Thermaround will protect your exterior system while InspiralR and Floval can give you incredibly low leakage round and flat oval ductwork with up to 75% less weight. Talk to your local Thermaduct Representative or Contact Us.

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