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Rectangular Thermaduct for Middle School Outdoor Ductwork

For places of higher education, keeping learning facilities up to date in an ever changing landscape of new technologies is a constant struggle. Whether it be single classrooms, individual floors or entire buildings are needing an update, these renovations provide opportunities to provide a more comfortable learning environment for students and staff. During a renovation of a historic education class and community building on campus of an Ohio university, updating the HVAC system allowed for the potential long-term savings by moving to a more energy efficient HVAC system on the roof.

Pre-Insulated Rooftop Thermaduct
Pre-Insulated Outdoor Ductwork Thermaduct
Ductwork Exposed to Elements
Weatherproof Ductwork Exterior Applications
Thermaduct exterior outdoor ductwork

With ductwork dimensions as large as 90” x 90”, Thermaduct was chosen to provide a weather resistant duct option in the application, matching the white cool roof of the building’s exterior. Over 7500 square feet of our rectangular system was installed, giving this installation higher R-values and lower air leakage than traditional ductwork, while at the same time reducing the application’s weight load on the structure.

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