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Duct Insulation in Outdoor Applications

In outdoor environments, insulation is especially important for HVAC systems where temperature differences are at their highest. Moisture from rain and snow can be detrimental to duct insulations that do not resist water intrusion and greatly increase thermal transfer. Closed cell insulations provide the best resistance and when paired with a strong outer shell, can be your best bet in long lasting high efficiency ductwork systems.

Protecting your duct insulation is important. Thermaduct's patented systems can provide the very best in insulated values to meet or exceed energy codes across the country while our solvent welded outer cladding layer will protect your investment for years to come.

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When your reputation is on the line, there is no better choice to provide a water tight, durable product like Thermaduct Duct Insulation Wrap. Start offering your customers more today by contacting your Thermaduct representative at 855-809-6903.