Thermaduct™ 10 Year Limited Warranty

Thermaduct™ is proud to back our product with a 10 Year Limited Warranty for applications across the United States. On August 15, 2018 our warranty process has been streamlined to better serve our customers.

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To Gain a 10 Year Limited Warranty for Your Installation, We Require Three Things

Your installing contractor will fill out two (2) Installation Check Sheets, one before the installation and one within sixty (60) days after the project has completed. These forms will provide Thermaduct™ with job information and include verification that our Installation Guidelines were read and followed.

Three (3) or more Jobsite photos are also required for inspection purposes. These are a vital step for us to ensure that every installation has been installed properly. Should something be missed, Thermaduct™ will send the installing contractor a report back that includes a punch list of corrections. Once this has been completed and verified, a Warranty Certificate is issued.

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Thermaduct™ Warranty Questions or Claims

While Thermaduct™ is fabricated nationwide through a network of delivery partners, our 10 Year Limited Warranty is handled at a corporate level. For all inquiries, please contact your Local Representative or Thermaduct™ directly at