Thermaround™ Is Our Round Solution In Outdoor Duct Applications

The HVAC Industry does not exist on rectangular alone. For applications that require a round or spiral solution for rooftop ductwork, we've developed a pre-insulated solution that offers the same great benefits of Thermaduct with a new, efficient shape. Strong draw band connections allow this round solution to install fast and easy. Our patent pending process allows for a continuous cladded surface with as little as one solvent welded seam!

Offering the same great vinyl cladded protection as rectangular Thermaduct, Thermaround is an excellent solution for the outdoor elements. This high R-value system offers an R-12 insulated value and extremely low air leakage. Thermaround uses same UV stable 1000 micron vinyl cladding for a durable solution that will naturally shed water. In the interior, air passes over a smooth aluminum surface free from loose fibers to give your building better IAQ performance.

Rooftop Spiral Duct System


  • Patented Product
  • R12 Insulated Value
  • 10" Positive, 8" Negative Pressure Class
  • UL 181 Listed InspiralR Interior
  • 1000 Micron UV Stable Vinyl Cladding
  • High Static Pressure Design
  • Gored Elbows - No Need for Turning Vanes
  • Low Air Leakage
  • Simple Connection System for Easy Installation
Thermaround Round Outdoor Ductwork

Pair Easily with Thermaduct Outdoor Rectangular Ductwork

Thermaduct and Thermaround both provide a factory laminated surface with a minimal areas of water intrusion. Applications that require both round and rectangular ductwork will find no better exterior ductwork solution than our outdoor products.

Both products install easily and provide near zero air leakage and virtually eliminate areas of water intrusion. Thermaround requires installing contractors to apply sealant, connect sections together with an offset coupling and use a draw band connection for fast and easy installation.

Thermaduct and Thermaround truly are Outdoor Duct Solved!

Near Zero Air Leakage

Energy Efficient Air Distribution

Preinsulated System

Thermaround provides an R12 insulated value without the need for additional insulation

Ease of Installation

With Thermaround's lightweight duct and fast connection system allow you to install more duct per day

10 Year Limited Warranty

Thermaround is backed by a 10 year limited warranty

See Thermaround In Action

Thermaround Exterior Ductwork at Medical Production Facility - Virtually Seamless Spiral Alternative

Thermaround Corrosion Resistant Rooftop Ductwork - Coastal Hospital Pre-Insulated Outdoor Duct

preinsulated round ductwork outdoors
thermaround insulated spiral ductwork
Thermaround Outdoor Round Ductwork
preinsulated outdoor ductwork
Hospital Exterior Rooftop Spiral Duct
Thermaround spiral ductwork system
Thermaduct Thermaround Outdoor Duct Solved

Thermaround Outdoor Pre-Insulated Phenolic Ductwork

Thermaround uses a smooth aluminum Kingspan KoolDuct interior for a high quality, fiber free insulation that is protected by our 1000 Micron vinyl cladding. Because of this, our round outdoor system is great for almost any application.

Hospitals and Healthcare Environments

Schools and Universities

Hotels and Multifamily Structures

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Pools and Natatoriums

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