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As strong believers in the growing phenolic duct market, we are constantly pushing to bring this new HVAC technology to more of the market. As constant pioneers of pre-insulated systems, here you will find the latest updates on our rectangular, round and flat oval systems.

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Better Indoor Air Quality for Indoor Entertainment Venues

As the world begins to reopen, indoor venues such as the entertainment industry have been some of the hardest hit sectors in the ongoing pandemic. Many theatres, whether their show is on a screen or stage, have had to take steps to ensure the safety and comfort of their audience who may be venturing out for the first time.

Find out How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Exposed Applications with Phenolic Ductwork

Phenolic duct systems offer exceptional, energy efficient performance but may not fit an architectural goal in some exposed applications. Here are options to make this energy efficient ductwork work in any project!

Find Out How to Match Phenolic With Your Building Interior


Reducing Exterior Building Loads with Thermaduct and Thermaround

Phenolic duct systems can provide a drastic reduction in weight. Thermaduct and Thermaround can help reduce building loads in your outdoor application. Find out how this can help you!

Find Out How Reducing Your Building Loads Can Be Easy.